Resolution #1

This behavior can be caused by installing Microsoft Project 2002/2003 without uninstalling Microsoft Project 98 or 2000. It is always a good idea to uninstall earlier versions of Microsoft Project before installing Microsoft Project 2002/2003. If you already have both versions installed, uninstall both versions, and then reinstall Microsoft Project 2002 or 2003. If you continue to experience this problem, complete the following steps:

1. Launch Microsoft Project

2. Click Tools - Customize - Toolbars

3. Click the Commands tab

4. In the Categories list, select the Tools item

5. Drag the COM Add-Ins item from the Commands list and then drop it on the Tools menu below the Macro item

6. Click the Close button to close the Customize dialog

7. Click Tools - COM Add-Ins

8. In the COM Add-Ins dialog, perform one of the following actions:

·  To load an add-in, select the check box next to its name

·  If the add-in you want is not in the list, click the Add button, locate and select the add-in, and then click OK

·  To unload an add-in from memory but keep its name in the list, clear the check box next to its name

·  To remove an add-in from the list and from memory, select it and then click the Remove button

9. Click OK when finished

Resolution #2

(This does not apply to the Analysis Services in Project Web Access or to Project 98 or earlier versions.)

If your Analysis Toolbar is not there, disappears, or some of its tools don’t work, the problem might have occurred when upgrading from Project 98 or Project 2000 to Project 2002. It’s possible too when upgrading from Project 2000 to 2003.

First try Tools/Customize/Toolbars.../Toolbars tab and check the Analysis toolbar. If you can now see the Analysis toolbar but it does not show features you want, then Tools/Customize…/Toolbars/Commands tab, select Tools on the left of the dialog, and on the right, scroll down to find COM Add-Ins…, click and drag it up onto the Standard toolbar, then Close. Now click the COM Add-Ins button and check the features you want. If the Analysis toolbar isn't available, repeat this last process, but remove all the checks and OK, then repeat again checking the Add-Ins you need and OK.  Now Tools/Customize/Toolbars.../Toolbars tab and check the Analysis toolbar.

If you still don’t have what you want, it is likely that the global.mpt file is corrupt. Close Project and then use Windows Explorer to search for the file called global.mpt and rename it to something like oldglobal.mpt. There may be more than one global.mpt that you need to rename: the critical one is in the user's profile (your Windows Account name). Then, by opening Project, it will recreate a new Global.mpt which will include the Analysis toolbar. You can then copy any personalized settings from the oldglobal.mpt into the new one using Tools/Organizer...

For example, in Project 2003 after renaming all global.mpt files, when you open Project, it launches detect/repair and creates a brand-new global.mpt. You can then open any "old" global.mpt files and then select items to "upgrade" into the newer global.mpt file.

If all else fails you will have to re-install Project.