Background Information

In Project Server 2007 or 2010, the Timesheets for each resource must be submitted to the person designated as each resource's Timesheet approver, who must then approve or reject the Timesheet. It is easy to set up a single person as the Timesheet approver for any resource by editing the resource in the Resource Center page and selecting any resource manager as that resource's Timesheet Manager. What is more difficult, however, is to set up a "chain" of Timesheet approvers.


Before I show you how to set up the chain of Timesheet approvers, consider the following list of people:

à Senior Manager A

à Resource Manager A

à Team Member A

In the preceding list, Team Member A must submit a Timesheet to Resource Manager A for approval. Once approved, Resource Manager A must submit Team Member A’s timesheet to Senior Manager A for final approval. To set up this process, the Project Server administrator must create a new custom Group named something like Timesheet Reviewers using the following steps:

1. Log into PWA with administrator permissions.

2. Click Server Settings > Manage Groups.

3. Click the New Group button.

4. Name the Group something like Timesheet Reviewers.

5. Add Resource Manager A to the new Group.

6. In the Categories section, add the My Resources category to the list on the right.

7. In the Permissions for My Resources grid, select the Resource Managers template and click the Apply button.

8. In the Permissions for My Resources grid, DESELECT the Allow option for the Approve Timesheets permission (DO NOT select either Allow or Deny; leave them both unchecked).

9. In the Global Permissions grid, select the Resource Managers template and then click the Apply button.

10. Click the Save button.

The above set of steps allows Resource Manager A to accept Timesheets from his/her resources and give interim approval to Timesheets. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If Resource Manager A is also in the Resource Managers group, the Project Server administrator MUST remove him/her from the Resource Managers group.

Next, the Project Server administrator must set up the "chain" of approvals as follows:

1. Navigate to the Resource Center page.

2. Select Senior Manager A, Resource Manager A, and Team Member A.

3. Click the Edit Details button.

4. For Senior Manager A, add her to the Resource Managers group and the Executives group, and then click the Save and Continue button.

5. For Resource Manager A, add him to the Timesheet Reviewers group and set Senior Manager A as his Timesheet Manager.

6. Click the Save and Continue button.

7. For Team Member A, set Resource Manager A as her Timesheet Manager, then click the Save button.

Adding Senior Manager A to the Resource Managers group makes her the final Timesheet approver. Adding Resource Manager A to the new Timesheet Reviewers makes him an interim Timesheet approver who must submit the Timesheet to Senior Manager A for final approval.