Background Information

The Team resource was a new feature of Project Server 2007 and continues to be available in Project Server 2010 as well. When a project manager assigns a Team resource to tasks in an enterprise project and publishes the project, the system displays the task assignments on the Team Tasks page for every user that is a part of the team. Each team member can navigate to this page in PWA and self-assign the team task to him/herself. At this point, the team task disappears from the Team Tasks page for every other member of that team.

Resolution for Project Server 2007

To create a Team resource in Project Server 2007, the Project Server administrator must complete the following steps:

1.  Create a Team Names lookup table in Project Web Access, build the code mask, populate the Lookup Table with names of your organization’s teams, and then save it.

2.  Modify the Team Name built-in enterprise field, attach it to the Team Names lookup table, and then save it.

3.  Launch Project Professional 2007 and log into Project Server with administrator permissions.

4.  Click Tools - Enterprise Options - Open Enterprise Resource Pool.

5.  In the Resource Center page in PWA, select the checkboxes for the names of the people who server as members of dedicated project teams and then click the Open button.

6.  In the Resource Sheet view in Project Professional 2007, type the name of your new Team resource. For example, for a team of dedicated DBA’s, you might name the team DBA Team 1.

7.  Double-click the name of the new Team resource, select the Generic option in the Resource Information dialog, and then click the OK button.

8.  For the new Team resource, specify any other standard information, as needed.

9.  Right-click on the Type column header, select the Insert Column item on the shortcut menu, and insert the Team Assignment Pool column.

10. In the Team Assignment Pool column, set the value to Yes for only the new Team resource. This step indicates to Project Server 2007 that this new resource is actually a Team resource.

11. Right-click on the Team Assignment Pool column header and hide the Team Assignment Pool column.

12.  Right-click on the Type column header and then insert the Team Name column.

13. Select the correct team name in the Team Name field for the new Team resource and for each of the human resources that are part of the designated team.

14. Save and close the Enterprise Resource Pool.