Background Information

This problem occurs when the Project Server Administrator applies or copies the Gantt Chart view or any other non-enterprise view after checking out the Enterprise Global for editing. By doing this, the Gantt Chart view and the task Entry table are copied into the Enterprise Global. Because the Gantt Chart view and task Entry table are local objects that are found in each user's Global.mpt file, they should not appear in the Enterprise Global because it is reserved forenterprise objects only. Once local objects such as the Gantt Chart view are accidentally copied into the Enterprise Global, they will cause error messagesevery time a project manager opens a project from Project Server.

Warning: The Project Server administrator must be careful when checking out the Enterprise Global to make sure that only enterprise objects are present in the Enterprise Global, including Views, Tables, Filters, Groups, Reports, etc.

The Project Server administrator must perform the following steps to resolve this issue:

1. Open Microsoft Project Professional and log into Project Server with administrator permissions.

2. Click the File tab to navigate to the Backstage and then click the Info tab.

3. On the Information page of the Backstage, click the Organize Global Template pick list button and then select the Open Enterprise Global item on the pick list.

4. From the list of Views on the right (in the Enterprise Global), select the Gantt Chart view and any other non-enterprise views (do not select the Enterprise Gantt Chart view).

5. Click the Delete button.

6. Click the Tables tab.

7. From the list of Tables on the right (in the Enterprise Global), select the Entry table and any other non-enterprise tables (do not select the Enterprise Entry table).

8. Click the Delete button.

9. Click the Close button.

10. Save and close the Enterprise Global file.

11. Exit Microsoft Project Professional, then launch again the software and log into Project Server again.

12. Ask all Project Managers to exit Microsoft Project Professional and to log into Project Server again to get the latest changes to the Enterprise Global.