Background Information

When viewing resource availability information from the View Resource Availability page (Project Server 2002 or 2003) or the Resource Availability page (Project Server 2007) through the Resource Center in Project Web Access, you may occasionally see the “Availability data has not been published…” error message formatted in red text at the bottom of the availability graph. There are two possible causes for this error message, and two possible solutions to this problem.

Resolution #1

The Project Server administrator must complete the following steps in Project Server 2007:

1.  Log into Project Web Access with administrator permissions.

2.  Click Server Settings - Additional Server Settings.

3. In the Resource Capacity Settings section of the page, increase the number shown in the Months Ahead field.

4.  Click the Save button.

The next time the system updates resource availability information, the error message will disappear from the Resource Availability page in Project Web Access

Resolution #2

If the error message appears for only a few resources, this indicates incorrect availability information for the selected resources in the Enterprise Resource Pool. To correct this problem, the Project Server administrator should complete the following steps:

1.  Launch Microsoft Project Professional and log into Project Server with administrator permissions.

2.  Click Tools - Enterprise Options - Open Enterprise Resource Pool.

3.  Select the resources with availability problems and then check out the resources for editing.

4.  Double-click the name of each resource individually.

5.  On the General page in the Resource Availability section, set the value for the last Available To entry to “NA” (without the quotation marks).

6.  Click OK.

7.  Repeat this process for each resource.

8.  Save and close the Enterprise Resource Pool.

The next time that the system updates the resource availability information, the error message will disappear for the selected resources in Project Web Access.