Background Information

Whenever you save an enterprise project to the Project Server database, Project Professional 2007 or 2010 saves a copy of your project file on your hard drive in an area known as the Local Cache, and then "spools" the project data to the Project Server database. On occasion, the project information stored in the Local Cache can become corrupted. Possible signs of corruption include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Custom enterprise Project field values appear "scrambled" in the Project Information dialog.
  • When you attempt to open the project, it appears "stuck" in a Checked Out state in the Local Cache, but is not checked out in the Project Server database.

Resolution for Project Server 2010

To resolve a corrupted Local Cache, the user should complete the following steps:

1. Close and check in any open projects and then exit Project Professional 2010.

2. From the Windows desktop, click Start > Run. The system opens the Run dialog.

3. Enter the command %appdata%\Microsoft\MS Project\14\Cache in the Run dialog.

4. Delete all of the folders and files in this directory.

5. Launch Project Professional 2010 and connect to Project Server.

6. Click File > Open.

7. In the Open dialog, double-click the "Retrieve the list of all projects from Project Server" option and open your project again.